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Kinokuniya Dubai Sales Office (DSO) serves as a total coordinator for knowledge and information and covers all libraries and organizations in UAE as well as in region. Kinokuniya’s worldwide operations and strategic relationships with publishers and distributors have allowed us to have a competitive advantage in the supply and fulfillment of our clients’ requests and orders.

Explore Our Book Supply and Library Services. Our extensive book supply and dedicated library services, aimed at providing the best literary resources for both individuals and institutions. We provide educational resources, textbooks, study guides, and supplementary materials that support various curriculum, aiding in comprehensive learning. Our book supply encompasses a diverse array of genres, from classic literature to contemporary bestsellers, ensuring there's something for every reader's taste and age group.

At Kinokuniya Dubai Sales Office, we're passionate about fostering a love for reading and education. Our School Book Fair Program is designed to support schools in expanding their libraries while nurturing a community of avid readers.As the largest Bookstore in the region, we bring our expertise to choosing books that turn kids into readers. Our selection also includes titles from top publishers that appeal to all interests and reading levels, carefully selected to inspire and engage young minds.Participating schools partner with us, hosting book fairs where a portion of the sales goes directly towards the school's library fund. This shared profit initiative empowers schools to enhance their library resources. Contact us to explore our book supply or learn more about our tailored library services. Let us be your partner in building a rich literary environment for your institution.

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